CMW Stainless is a world class manufacturer of stainless steel containers.  Our focus is to fabricate containers that aid the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.  These products provide an innovative alternative for the safe handling and storage of small quantities of important substances.  CMW's team of dedicated professionals has over 30 years of stainless steel fabrication experience.  CMW Stainless has an unwavering commitment to “Quality First” and an unmatched product line.

patent pending Splash Guard system is designed to reduce any potential splashing or spilling of the product in the event of an accident.  Its unique design uses the surface tension of the product to create a self-sealing meniscus at the open-end of the cone splash guard insert.  The Splash Guard allows for the insertion of a pipette tip for easy removal of the product.


CMW Stainless Products


Our containers meet industry standards and are designed to meet your laboratory containment needs.  We firmly believe our containers can add value to your company and we assure you they will aid your efforts to proactively reduce accidents through sound containment practices.


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